Covid-19 Updates

We’re still around and itching to get you and your loved ones back behind the wheel! 

Dates: We have paused our operations as per the government policy on non-essential gatherings, but we will be up and running as soon as permitted.

Gift Vouchers: We’re still selling gift vouchers for all locations, which are valid for three years. So keep us on the shopping list for the ultimate birthday, anniversary and Mother/Father’s Day present! If you currently hold a voucher there is no risk of it expiring during this Covid Hibernation.

What’s next: We aim to be back ASAP this Spring. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our staff, suppliers and supporters who have been helping us deliver smiles since 1999. We’ll be back, and we wish everyone the very best as you navigate through the rest of 2020.

We appreciate everyone who has reached out with messages of support. It’s important we stick together.

Here’s a few things you can do to support your favourite small businesses: 

  • Buy products online and get them shipped directly to your home. 
  • Give them some review love for when they reopen their doors. 
  • Buy vouchers or presents for upcoming events, etc from their online store. 
  • Send them an email to tell them how much you value their product. It might not make them money, but it could be just the email someone needs to receive today. 
  • Like, share and comment on their social posts.
  • If you are going to venture out, buy local as much as possible, spend your hard-earned money in Australia.
  • Be KIND to staff who are still working. It goes a long way.

Still got a question? We are available via email as always or sign up for an email of dates when we re-commence .


Take care, Mick.

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