1. Do I need to confirm my booking before the day?

As long as you have received a confirmation of your booking directly from the Rally School or
one of our agents then there is no need to ring to confirm your booking.
You will not receive a reminder from us so please ensure you make note of the date and time.

2. What if it’s raining?

No decisions are usually made regarding postponing days until after 7.30am on the day when an inspection of the track is carried out. You are welcome to call us on 02 9521 5300 after 7.30am to see if the day will be running. We will also try and contact each participant via email and SMS to advise if the day is being postponed.
Please note: we usually only have the contact details for the person who originally purchased the voucher.

3. Are there any height/ weight requirements?

There is a height restriction of approx 193cm (6’3”) as you will be wearing a helmet and there is a roll cage fitted in all our cars. There is a weight restriction of approx. 130kg as you need to fit into a moulded racing seat and harness.

4. When do I choose what car(s) I drive?

On the day.

5. What do I wear?

Long pants & enclosed shoes (no singlet tops).

6. Can I bring spectators?

Yes, they are welcome, and remember to bring the cameras as there is great viewing at all of our locations.

7. Can I change my booking?

The date can be changed up until 14 days before your booked date. We dont allow changes to bookings within 14 days, unless there is a waitlist for the session

8. Do you need to know how to drive a manual?

All our vehicles are manual however you are able to participate quite easily with limited experience of manual driving.

We also offer hot lap (passenger seat) experiences with our expert instructors.

9. How can my guests be involved?

Guests can purchase their own ‘Hot Lap’ for $50 and are able to sit with you in between your driving sessions. (Hotlaps are subject to availability) They can even take photos and video footage of you from beside the track.

10. Can I buy food/drinks there?

Light refreshments are provided for participants however there are NO facilities for you or your guests to purchase food/drink so bring your own along.

11. Can I buy an in car recording of my drive?

Yes you can for $50.00. This can be arranged on the day, when you are booking in, or you can ‘ADD on’ in the website checkout.

12. How early do I need to be there before my starting time?

You only need to arrive 5 – 10 minutes before your start time. Please do not arrive earlier as it only increases your wait time.

13. Is there public transport to the venue?


14. Directions

Directions to our venues are attached to your confirmation or you can download them from www.rallyschool.com.au/contactus

15. How long will my session run?

Most sessions run for approximately 2 hours.