A Thrilling Day of Rally Driving near Adelaide


Rally School packages offer something for everyone. We all know that person who dreams of getting in the driver’s seat of a rally car. We have a range of driving experiences behind the wheel of some incredible rally cars, all guided by an expert instructor.

We haven’t forgotten the gift-giver, either! Spectators are welcome at all Rally School tracks, where you can cheer on your loved ones and snap some incredible photos and videos!

Our gift vouchers are flexible and valid for 12 months.

Bower Road & Railway Road, Steinfeld SA 5356
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8 Laps (1 Car) + Hotlap Ride $195


Full safety briefing
8 laps behind the wheel (1 car)
Experience a hotlap driven by a pro
Free gift voucher + postage (valued at $10)
Momento certificate

16 Laps (2 Cars) + Hotlap Ride $295


Full safety briefing
Full in-car “how to” demo
8 laps behind the wheel (1st car)
8 more laps behind the wheel (2nd car)
Experience a hotlap driven by a pro
Free gift voucher + postage (valued at $10)
Momento certificate

Bored with slow city traffic? Experience REAL speed at the Rally School Adelaide racing track!

Our South Australian Rally School is a gravel track, located in Walky Park. It’s only a 30-minute drive (51 kms) from the Barossa Valley tourist region, east of Truro. The Adelaide track is the longest and fastest in Australia, so you’re guaranteed to have a great time!

The fun of rally driving doesn’t end on the track – it’s also an exciting spectator sport. At the Adelaide track, we have a two story shed with an observation deck giving you panoramic views of all the action. You’ll be able to snap many photos and videos on the day, creating memories you’ll never forget.

The track’s owned by the Walkerville All Cars Club, who are there to answer any questions you might have about the cars or the track. They’re experienced and professional Rally Drivers, many of whom are rally winners. They’ll make sure you drive as fast as possible while still staying safe. Once you’re finished driving, you can enjoy a full-throttle ride in the passenger seat, in the ‘hotlap’.

A gift voucher for Rally School is perfect for someone who has everything, or if you need to organise a business bonding event but want something with a little edge to it – Rally Driving is your answer! We’ve taken Colonial, Harvey Norman, 3 Mobile, IGA Supermarkets, BHP and Procter & Gamble for a drive, with consistently positive feedback.

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