2 Car Blast 16 lap $295

What a rush! Get behind the wheel yourself, driving 2 different cars, then buckle up for the Hotlap of a lifetime at the hands of one of our experienced instructors.

Now including a Demo Drive from the instructors, showing you the track, correct technique, and how to avoid the common mistakes.

You will also get behind the wheel of 2 different cars, which one was you favourite?

Finally, to top off the course, you’ll be strapped into the co-driver’s seat and taken for an exciting rally hot lap blast by one of our professional rally drivers, and these guys don’t hold back! What a blast!

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Half day Extreme$495

Save $100!

More than just an “experience”, your half day rally experiences includes at least 4 sessions driving, 28-32 laps behind the wheel yourself, plenty of time to learn, plenty of driving time, and double the hotlaps!

  • Book in on arrival, meet the team,
  • Check out the cars, you will drive 3-4 different cars
  • Relax for 10 during the safety briefing and explanation of the format for the day
  • 2 driving sessions familiarising with control use, using brakes to generate grip and attitude, getting used to the track
  • We will have a mid brief to refesh and reinforce what we have learned so far
  • Back to the cars, this time with more confidence, and your speed is better as the technique improves 
  • Its a Half day, so we are doubling your hotlaps, hang on for 2 super fast hotlaps and see the world from the codrivers eyes.

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Other Information

If you have a group of friends, we can tailor it specially for you. Book a 2 hour session, its a fixed price for 6-20 guests, or Maybe a Half Day. We can plan a day around your requirements, Bucks day, work function, other commitments Check out our GROUPS page.We also do just Passenger Rides only, look HERE for your Hotlap Packages.